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Dime SPIKE Premium Indoor Volleyball - Official Size

Dime SPIKE Premium Indoor Volleyball - Official Size

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DIME SPIKE Premium Indoor Volleyball — For The Serious Competitor

Your Game, Elevated

Introducing the DIME SPIKE Premium Indoor Volleyball— a game-changer in the world of volleyball. Designed by Dime, a brand synonymous with quality and performance, this volleyball promises to elevate your game to new heights.

Precision Engineered for Excellence

The DIME SPIKE is a product of meticulous engineering. The patented cloth-wrap carcass and a layer of sponge rubber give this volleyball superior grip and control to make every bump, set, and spike remarkably precise, enhancing your performance on the court.

Durability Meets Elegance

Constructed with premium grade soft leather and a double ply butyl bladder that ensure durability, The DIME SPIKE stands tall against wear and tear, promising great air retention and a long-lasting experience. Its elegant design, coupled with an optimal bounce and sound, makes it a true champion’s choice.

Consistent Performance in Every Play

With the DIME SPIKE, every play is consistent, eliminating unpredictable bounces. Its reliability ensures you can focus on your strategy without worrying about the ball’s performance, paving the path for a winning game. 

Product Details:

  • Brand: Dime
  • Model: DIME SPIKE
  • Material: Premium synthetic leather
  • Size: Official size and weight
  • Use: Indoor
  • Includes: 1x DIME SPIKE Premium Indoor Volleyball

Experience the peak of volleyball technology with the DIME SPIKE Premium Indoor Volleyball. Order now and step up your game with a volleyball that the game's best competitors prefer!

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