Our Story

As you may know, a Dime, in sports terms, is another word for an assist. Dime Sports LLC is a sporting goods company whose mission is to assist in making sports participation available to all regardless of income or geography. Today, kids from homes with less than $25,000 a year in income are 50% less likely to participate in sports than their upper-income peers. That’s an enormous difference in participation. These inactive kids are missing out on the long-lasting benefits that sports participation can provide. Recent studies have shown that active kids are 90% less likely to become obese, have 40% higher test scores in school and have 7-8% higher annual career earnings. Our focus is to help all youths get active and to reap these life benefits.

We pursue our mission in two ways (1) by passing value to the customer, offering the highest quality products at better prices and (2) by a charitable giving effort. The first piece is achieved by offering our products direct to consumers through e-commerce. By doing so we cut out the markup that is built in to products going through retail channels like Dick's Sporting Goods or WalMart. We pass the savings along to the customer. The second part of our mission is achieved through our pledge that for every dollar in profit we make, a dime is donated to youth sports charities (check out Every Kid Sports).

We knew that in order to serve our mission, we would have to develop products that were the best on the market. In order to get the absolute best results we focused on just two products and spent all of our time on them. We’ve spent the last 2 years testing different cover materials, bladder materials, panel designs and ball constructions. We’ve developed prototypes and thrown them off backboards and launched them off crossbars. The result of that work is two products of the highest possible quality that have been rigorously designed to include all of the latest knowledge and technology available. Their unique constructions and designs have received glowing praise from our testing groups.

Our two current products are the Dime ONE basketball and the Dime FUOCO soccer ball.

The Dime basketball will provide 20% savings compared to competitor products and the soccer ball will provide 50% savings. Please help us get our products into the world. Every purchase helps to put another kid who can’t afford to play sports out on the playing field!

Thank You for Your Time and Your Support,

The Dime Team