Our Story

Welcome to Dime Sports Co.

At Dime Sports Co., we believe in the power of sports to transform lives. A "Dime" in sports is an assist, and our mission is to assist in making sports accessible to all, regardless of income or geography.

Our Mission: Today, kids from homes with less than $25,000 a year in income are 50% less likely to participate in sports than their upper-income peers. We aim to bridge this gap by providing access to sports, ensuring that every youth can enjoy the long-lasting benefits of sports participation. Active kids are 90% less likely to become obese, score 40% higher in school tests, and earn 7-8% higher annual career earnings.

How We Fulfill Our Mission:

  1. Quality Products, Better Prices: We pass value to our customers by offering the highest quality products at better prices. By selling directly to consumers through e-commerce, we eliminate retail markups, providing you with savings.
  2. Charitable Giving: For every dollar in profit we make, a dime is donated to youth sports charities, supporting initiatives like Every Kid Sports.

Our Products: After rigorous testing and development, we proudly present our two flagship products:

  • Dime ONE Basketball: Enjoy 20% savings compared to competitor products.
  • Dime FUOCO Soccer Ball: Experience a 50% cost reduction.

Join Our Cause: Your purchase helps us put more kids on the playing field. Support our mission, and let's make sports accessible to every child.

Thank You for Your Time and Support, The Dime Team