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Dime DUO Outdoor Basketball (Multi Colored)

Dime DUO Outdoor Basketball (Multi Colored)

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Finally, An Outdoor Ball That Feels More Like An Indoor Ball. Your Outdoor Game Will Stay Sharp.

The Dime DUO was designed to break the mold.

  • Outstanding Grip Playing On Any Surface

    The Dime DUO features fully pebbled deep channels that you don't find on outdoor balls. The enhanced grip increases control keeping the ball in your hands and closer to getting that bucket.

  • Soft Feel Like An Indoor Ball, But Durable For Outdoor Play

    The composite cover and patented foam cushion feel on the Dime DUO provide the feeling and touch of an indoor ball, with the durability of an outdoor ball, so your game stays sharp whether you're hooping inside with the Dime ONE or outside with the DUO.

  • No Need to Pump Every Day

    The inner bladder of the Dime ONE is made of high-grade butyl which is superior at holding air, ensuring that you don't have to waste time pumping up your ball every time you play. Game on.

  • Good for Outdoor or Indoor use
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