What Size Soccer Ball Do I Need?

What Size Soccer Ball Do I Need?

Picking the right size soccer ball is important to make sure that you develop properly as a player. Improper ball size can alter the mechanics of your striking/ball handling and cause you to develop bad habits. Make sure you choose the right size Dime FUOCO soccer ball to ensure you develop proper motions that stay consistent as you grow and develop.


What Size Soccer Ball Do I Need?

Size 5 (27-28 Inch)

                Ages 13 & up

Size 4 (25-26 Inch)

                Ages 8 to 12

Size 3 (23-24 Inch)

                Ages 8 and under


The Dime FUOCO soccer ball has been specifically developed with consistency and control in mind. The 32-panel design provides the roundest shape and truest bounce. The thermo-bonded construction eliminates water uptake so that the ball is consistent and playable in all weather conditions. The Dime FUOCO also features and textured soft feel cover that provides advanced grip and aerodynamic performance that lets you control the ball and put it on target every time. Dime Sports sells direct to the customer. This way we cut out the middle man and the retail markup and pass the savings to you! Get your Dime FUOCO today!!

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